Terms & Conditions

Version December 2022 


1.1. Area of application 

These general conditions of contracting, access and use are intended to regulate the  relationship between the company that owns this business, Woolly LTD (hereinafter, “Woolly  Mammoth”) and its Users or Clients, by virtue of all transactions carried out through the  platform with domain woolly-mammoth.io (hereinafter, “the website” or “platform”). This platform and the domains associated with it belong to the  owner, which is up to date with its tax and fiscal obligations. 

To contact our team, you can do so with the following contact information: 


Woolly LTD 

Address: 26 boundary street, E27JE, LONDON 

Contact email: info@woolly-mammoth.co.uk 

The purpose of our platform is to facilitate space reservation transactions between “host”  and “guest” users. In this way, any transaction carried out through our platform implies that  you must take into account and accept, when appropriate, these Terms and Conditions. 

1.2. Object of these conditions 

The main object of Woolly Mammoth is to be a marketplace or space aggregator that  provides space reservation tools. In this way, users can upload spaces that are available, so  that others can reserve them by the day, after paying the price provided on the Web. Thus, through the use of our platform, the user interested in such spaces or in offering them,  allows Woolly Mammoth to act as a mediator in the transaction that is carried out. 

In this way, on the one hand, if you are interested in reserving a space for a certain time,  among those offered on the Platform, you can do so easily. 

On the other hand, you can upload the spaces you want to offer for reservation to interested  users, indicating the price and conditions of the reservation, as well as the extras you want. 

That is, Woolly Mammoth takes care of showing the available spaces on its platform and, as  a User, you can upload yours so that others can reserve it or select the one that interests you  to reserve it, always subject to availability and the indicated price. 

1.3. Essential terms for a better understanding of these conditions

Platform: is the web page associated with these conditions and through which we facilitate  contact between the host User and the guest User to carry out the transaction, as well as  through which we present information of interest to the Page Users. 

Transaction: is the operation carried out between the host User and the guest User through  our platform, whereby one person -host- uploads a space for their reservation, and the other  -guest- reserves it to celebrate an act or event. It is also the operation by which both users  contract our services. 

Host user: is the user who provides their spaces (meeting rooms, terraces, sets…) on the  Woolly Mammoth website for reservation. It can be any type of person or company that  makes its spaces available for the guest User to use.  

Guest user: is the person who reserves an available space on the Platform. Registered User or Client: will be the User who registers on the website to be able to upload  spaces and/or make reservations for them. 

Visitor: it is the person who simply browses our website or platform. 

1.4. Types of User and contracting of our services 

The contracting of our services can be carried out by any natural or private person who  wishes or needs it, as long as they hold the legal majority and have the legal capacity to act. 

If you register as a natural person (individual), these conditions and the provisions of the  regulations regarding the defense and protection of consumers or users will apply in any  case. 

If, on the other hand, you operate as a self-employed professional or company and register,  these terms and conditions will apply to you. 

You can register on our platform and operate indistinctly as a host or guest user. 

Therefore, these general conditions will apply to you, and the specific ones depending on  whether you act as host or guest, when appropriate. 

2. REGISTRATION PROCEDURE AND ACCEPTANCE OF THE CONDITIONS 2.1. Reading and acceptance of the general conditions 

2.1.1. General features  

We inform you that in order to proceed to use certain functionalities of our platform or web  page, it will be necessary to be adult and have previously registered following the  instructions included therein, accessible through the “Register” option. 

2.1.2. User Registration  

Before proceeding to contract our services, it is necessary to register as a registered User,  indicating for this the required data, which will always be relevant, in accordance with the  provisions of European Regulation 679/2016, of April 27, of Protection of Personal Data, and  in the Organic Law 3/2018, of December 5, of Protection of Personal Data and guarantee of  digital rights, being essential to be able to process the service correctly. 

If you authorize us at the time of registration, we can also send you, where appropriate, any  offer, promotion or information that may be of interest to you. 

From Woolly Mammoth we establish a personalized relationship with the Users to inform  them of news or changes in the services, among others; situations that you accept by  validating these conditions. 

2.2. Acceptance of the transaction and these conditions

The confirmation of the contracting of the services will be made through the activation of the  button“I accept the terms and conditions”, which will appear before you definitively proceed  to finalize the registration on our platform. 

Once you have completed all the mandatory fields required by our platform, the online  registration procedure and once you have made use of the validation link that is included in  the verification email sent by Woolly Mammoth and that you will receive at the email address  that you has indicated, as a host or guest User enters into a contract with Woolly Mammoth. 

These terms and conditions will be available at all times on the Web, in the section Terms and  Conditions. 

With this, you will be allowed to access and use the Website under the contracted conditions. 

2.3. Responsibilities of the User at this time 

(1) The User guarantees under his own responsibility the accuracy of the information  provided, expressly exempting Woolly Mammoth from the consequences and damages that  its inaccuracy may cause to third parties. 

(2) The owner of this platform does not assume the obligation nor does it have the technical  means to verify the identity of the Users who register on it. Therefore, the owner will not be  responsible in any case when a case of usurpation of the User‟s identity occurs. 

(3) Bearing this in mind, Woolly Mammoth reserves the right to reject any registration  request whose content does not meet the purposes of this platform, so it is up to the User to  ensure that the transaction they intend to carry out is in accordance with the purpose of this  platform, as well as that it does not violate any of the registration rules that are required. 

(4) The User‟s access code to our platform is completely personal and non-transferable,  assigned solely and expressly by the User, who is responsible to Woolly Mammoth and third  parties for the correct use and non-transmission or disclosure to third parties, individuals and  /or legal entities that are not themselves or persons expressly empowered by them to  contract on their behalf. 

(5) In the event of any loss or theft of the access codes, unauthorized use of the Website or  the codes, as well as any security breach of the same of which the User has become aware,  the User will obliges to notify Woolly Mammoth of said incident immediately. In this case, the  User will have the right to be given another password to access the website. 

2.4. Meaning of acceptance of these conditions 

The acceptance of these conditions means: 

(1) That you can operate within the platform as a host and/or guest User and carry out the  transactions that interest you, following the guidelines established in these conditions and in  the Platform. 

(2) That he undertakes to comply with these conditions and to respect them under his sole  responsibility. 

In addition, we inform you that, for legal reasons, we have the confirmation that you have  made at the time of contracting our services by validating or “clicking” them at the time of  registration and/or contracting, for which we are certain when you have accepted our  conditions.

2.5. Requirement for hiring: legal age 

Warn you that in order to be a User and/or Client of our platform and use our services you  must be at least of legal age. 

Since the Family Law Reform Act of 1969, the age of majority in the UK is of 18 years of age,  so any service contracted through this website must take place between people over 18  years of age. 

Please, if you detect that a minor has contracted any of our services, tell us with as many  details as possible and as soon as possible by sending an email to info@woolly mammoth.co.uk. 


3.1. Mediation in space reservation transactions 

As indicated in point 1.2, the main service that we offer from Woolly Mammoth, and the  purpose of this platform, is to act as an intermediary and put the host User, who uploads and  advertises a certain space, with the additional or extra services that wish, in contact with the  potential guest User, who would reserve it. 

As consideration for said action, Woolly Mammoth receives a commission for each  reservation made (see point 4.1.1. for more details on the applicable conditions). 


4.1. Prices and commission 

The details about the price or commission that we apply to the transactions that are carried  out through our platform are determined in the particular conditions of contracting, purchase  summary, or in the detail of the contracting of the services that you can visualize prior  acceptance and formalization, where the guest User will be able to see the details of the  prices that will be applicable and that, at all times, will have been shown on our website. 

Thus, the Guest requests a reservation of the space of interest, being able to see, at that  moment, the amount requested by the Host; when he receives the reservation request and  accepts it, a notification will be sent to the guest User confirming that he can proceed to pay  for the reservation, so that it becomes effective. Clients pay in advance through Woolly  Mammoth‟s secure payment system. The payment will be freed after the event, discounting  our service fee, and the Host will receive it within a few days. 

4.1.1. Commission for reservations made  

a) General aspects 

In this regard, by accepting these conditions, the Host User accepts that a commission of 20% will be applied on the total price of the space uploaded.

This amount will be  charged to the Guest User account before the host User receives the payment made by the guest or end User who has reserved their space. 

For example, if the reservation of a space has a cost of £1000.00/day and a reservation is  made for one day, the total price will be £1000.00, to which is added the additional 20%, to  guest‟s charge. Woolly Mammoth receives 20% of the £1000.00.

At all times, after contracting the service, the user will know the cost of the reservation and  the cost of managing the service that is charged from Woolly Mammoth. 

4.1.2. Additional services  

The host User may offer additional services to the space offered (eg: tables, speakers,  cleaning service, catering, etc.). The quantities and prices of these extra services will appear  in the pertinent sections at the time the space is reserved by the Guest, and will be added to  the final price, which can be seen in the payment details before proceeding. the effective  reservation of space. 

Woolly Mammoth is not responsible for the specific conditions associated with these specific  services that, although, in general, will appear published on our platform. Users must be  aware that, among themselves, they must negotiate the corresponding particular or specific  conditions and that Woolly Mammoth is not responsible for any conflict, doubt, responsibility  that may arise from said provision of additional services, being responsible, in terms of the  provision of the service, the host User and the guest User of the fulfillment of their obligations  and rules of conduct, as the case may be. 

4.1.3. Reserve for additional time 

If the guest User wishes to reserve for an additional time once the event or act for which he  reserved the Host‟s space is being held, he must contact the Host using the contact  information provided to request that additional time, if possible. 

Woolly Mammoth reserves the right to make said charge unilaterally, if confirmation of the  additional time is received by both parties. 

4.1.4. Bail 

The Host User may establish in his advertisement that a deposit will be required. The deposit  operates as the maximum amount that can be deducted for breaches and / or damages of  the guest and his companions. 

If you would like to claim the guest for the damages caused by him during his stay, you must  notify Woolly Mammoth of such incidents, by sending an email to info@woolly-

mammoth.co.uk, saying “Request deposit”, with the corresponding reservation number, within  a period not exceeding 48 hours from the end of the event and, in any case, before your  space can be reserved again or a new event begins in it. Under no circumstances will claims  submitted outside said period be addressed, nor through a means or channel other than the  one described in this paragraph. 

In the claim, the facts that motivate it must be stated, being an essential requirement to  provide the „Reservation Details‟, as well as the evidence considered pertinent for the  resolution of the claim file. If the fact that motivates the retention of the deposit cannot be  accredited with the corresponding evidence or, simply, a list of facts is made and the  necessary evidence for the resolution of the case is not accompanied, Woolly Mammoth  reserves the possibility of not attending the claim. . To this end, the opinions or value  judgments issued by the applicant will not be taken into account when resolving the  aforementioned controversy. The following will be considered as objective facts for the  deduction of the deposit: 

– Damage to the property or belongings of the host. For this, it will be necessary to provide  an invoice for the broken element or the new one that replaces it, expressly mentioning the brand and model, which must be of the same type and quality. If this is not the case and the  new item is of superior quality, the deposit will be withheld for the amount of the cheapest  item. 

– How many other breaches have been agreed in the announcement of the platform and/or  in the „Reservation Details‟ that were susceptible to total or partial withdrawal of the deposit. 

– Non-compliance of the guest User in the departure time. For this it will be necessary to  specify in the „Reservation Details‟ (Check-out) the departure time of the guests and how to  calculate the deduction of the proportional part of the deposit for the delay in the departure  of the guest and his companions. 

– Excess capacity of people: it must be specified in the „Reservation Details‟ the amount that  will be deducted from the deposit for this aspect for each additional guest. In addition, the  host, in his claim, must prove undoubtedly by the evidence it deems appropriate such excess  capacity. 

– Extra services provided by the host. 

In the event that the total or partial withdrawal of the deposit is necessary, it will be carried  out in an exclusive order. In this way, the last three reasons described in the previous points,  that is, the non-compliance of the guest in the departure time (the one who prolongs his stay  in the capacity for certain fractions of time), the excess of capacity (additional companions  to those agreed in the „Reservation Details‟) and the extra services that the host could  provide may be proportionally reduced or reduced –or even totally eliminated– if the total  amount of the deposit is necessary to attend to the claims covered by damage or damage.  in the property and belongings of the host, as well as those produced in the community  elements and, in general, those other breaches of regulations stipulated in the  announcement and/or in the „Reservation Details‟. 

At the time of deduction of the deposit, the pertinent deductions will be applied in their order  and with an eliminatory character in such a way that, if one of them reaches the maximum  amount of the deposit, the application or deduction of the following reasons will be excluded.

Those claims from hosts who claim that guests used the deposit as a credit in favor of cases  in which the guest tacitly prolongs the time agreed in the reservation, introduces additional  companions and/or has to do with extra services provided by the host, will carry a penalty of  a 20% to the host for management expenses incurred by Woolly Mammoth. To deal with  such a claim, it will be mandatory, as in the rest of the cases, that the corresponding  „Reservation Details‟ be attached to it. 

The platform will carry out the corresponding inquiries and, where appropriate, will proceed to the effective retention of all of it in favor of the host or, of the necessary part to cover the  damages produced. 

If it is not possible for Woolly Mammoth to clarify the reasons for the claim, the deposit will  be returned to the guest. 

The following behaviors or damages are excluded from claims against Woolly Mammoth: – Matters not stipulated in the „Reservation Details‟. 

– Those related to noise, odors, smoke and gas emissions, vibrations and, ultimately, any  other type of immission. 

– On the elements that are outside the spatial scope of the place object of the reservation  that had not been included on purpose in the „Reservation Details‟. 

– Damage to third parties, such as neighbors, pedestrians or vehicles located on the street. In  particular, those caused in the assets of the community of neighbors (elevators, stairs,  decorative elements, portal, etc.) and those that occur on public roads, pedestrians or  vehicles as a result of throwing objects from the terrace or similar behaviors that, also,  produce damages in the referred elements. 

4.2. Applicable taxes and additional expenses 

4.2.1. Price and applicable taxes for the services established in the previous point Woolly Mammoth will apply to the services and amounts established the VAT that applies at  all times according to the law and the relevant withholding, where appropriate. 

4.2.2. Taxes applicable to transactions  

Woolly Mammoth does not apply VAT on reservations that are the object of transactions  made between Users, that is, the reservation made by a user regarding a space to the host  User has no cost for said user. In this way, Woolly Mammoth will only invoice for the services  offered to the Host User, not to the Guest. 


5.1. Conditions applicable to the services described in the previous section  5.1.1. Right to modify the applicable commissions  

Woolly Mammoth reserves the right to modify the commission percentage applied to  reservations specified in section 4.1. 

In the above cases, the User will be notified of the variation at least FIFTEEN (15) days in  advance.

If within a period of TEN (10) days from the receipt of our notification, the Host User has not  notified either his acceptance or his disagreement, it will be understood that he accepts the  new conditions. 

If you do not agree, you can also unsubscribe from our services according to the procedure  provided for this in these conditions. 

5.1.2. Requirements for the announcement of a space to be published  

Woolly Mammoth will publish the spaces through this platform, provided that the ads meet  the following conditions: 

∙ The images must be horizontal and correspond to the advertised spaces, have sufficient  quality; they cannot contain a watermark, or personal or contact information; ∙ The images must be well focused, that is, they must be seen well; not pixelated and have  

adequate lighting. 

For all these reasons, Woolly Mammoth reserves the right to retouch the image for a better  fulfillment of its purpose, a fact that the Host User accepts by accepting these conditions. 

5.2. Conditions applicable to the Platform 

5.2.1. Exclusions 

It is expressly stated that Woolly Mammoth does not sell, buy or lease the spaces displayed  on the Web. By virtue of this, in no case does Woolly Mammoth guarantee the quality of the  service or space that a host User offers on the Platform. 

5.2.2. Peculiarities and important clarifications 

(1) Final price of the transaction. 

The final price of the transaction will be indicated in the transaction form before making the  payment by the guest User. 

(2) Conditions of the reserved space. 

Woolly Mammoth does not act as an effective provider in relation to the spaces, but rather  as an intermediary, presenting on the Web the spaces uploaded by the different host Users  and those extras that they wish to provide to the Guests together with their spaces. In this  sense, it is only responsible for the consequences derived from what is expressly exposed  and reported on our platform; not of the service associated with the rental of the space or the services  offered, the conditions found therein, nor the conditions related to the use of the space,  among others. All the details about the operation, use, conditions of the space… are agreed  between the Host User and the Guest. 

(3) Territory where we offer the service. 

Woolly Mammoth operates in the United Kingdom. 

(4) Cancellation.

Woolly Mammoth cannot and does not intend to guarantee reservations if the host User  decides to cancel due to force majeure or fortuitous events that prevent their use,  impossibility of access, or for judicial and/or administrative reasons. In this case, Woolly  Mammoth will do everything possible to find an alternative solution to the space, location  and planned capacity. 


6.1. Prior to the use of the platform 

Prior to using the platform, in case of doubt or to raise what they consider pertinent, the  Guest can contact us through the relevant contact form, in which case, if necessary, we  would contact the Host if the matter was related to a space to reserve. 

6.2. What steps must be carried out through the Platform? 

6.2.1. Applicable to both Users 

(1) Once you access our platform, in the upper right part of it you will see the “Register”  section; fill in the form with the data required, read the terms and click on the box as you  have read and understood to accept these Conditions. 

(2) Next, from Woolly Mammoth we will send an e-mail to the contact e-mail you have  indicated in the form so that you can validate the registration by “clicking” again on the  attached link. 

(3) Finally, you will be able to access our platform and start using it. Again, we will send you a  second e-mail through which we will confirm that you have been registered on the Platform. 

6.2.2. Host user 

The Host User can operate and visit our website by following the steps explained below. 

First of all, you must register and accept these terms and conditions, and then fill in all the  fields related to the information about your space: location, how to get there, descriptive  information about the space and its photos, availability days, cancellation policy , if  applicable and available activities. 

Once you request to upload your space to Woolly Mammoth, you must fill in the rest of the  information requested to finish verifying your data. 

From Woolly Mammoth we will check the information provided and, if it is valid and meets  the requirements of the Platform, we will proceed to upload your space. 

6.2.3. Guest user 

For his part, the guest User, if he is interested in reserving a space, can search in our  particular browser, located at the top of the Web, the activity he wishes to carry out, the  day(s) in which he wants to reserve a space. 

From Woolly Mammoth we will provide you with the precise information you are looking for  based on the search factors you have entered. We also highlight certain spaces on our main  page. 

Once you select the desired space, you can click on “Request to book”. Once the host User  confirms the booking you will be able to “confirm payment” and carry out the appropriate  transaction and reserve it, proceeding to the indicated payment.

You will receive a reservation confirmation email, with the price, date and time. 

6.3. Service cancellations  

You can unsubscribe from the platform at any time, except in cases where there is a pending  transaction or payment, in which case, you can contact us by email. info@woolly mammoth.co.uk so that we can proceed to unsubscribe and/or check the status. In this way, if the cancellation could not be carried out immediately, we would notify you, as  well as what are the steps or the process that must be taken into account. 


7.1. Possible forms of payment for our services 

Woolly Mammoth only accepts WooCommerce as a payment method, a platform that provides  management and payment processing services. Payment management by WooCommerce is subject  to its own terms and conditions. 

Also, it is necessary for us to send some of your data to  WooCommerce in order to process the payment for the reservation of spaces, authorizing us to carry  out this data sharing. 

In the same way, from Woolly Mammoth we can change the supplier for the management of  your payments, of which you will be notified sufficiently in advance, according to the  provisions contained in these terms and conditions. 

7.2. Security measures applicable to forms of payment 

Woolly Mammoth applies the security measures of the WooCommerce payment service regulated in  its Web page. 


In addition to what is indicated in these terms and conditions, there may be some conditions  that vary depending on the type of transaction you carry out through our platform, such as,  for example, the commission for our services that will be associated with the value of the  transaction you carry out. 

The possible particular conditions that may exist will be informed to you throughout the  process of contracting the services and prior to their acceptance, so that you can see the  specific conditions that regulate these aspects. 

You must also take into account the particular conditions of the space you rent or reserve for  the time you reserve it. Woolly Mammoth can show the particular conditions provided by the  guest User; but is not responsible for its accuracy, rights and duties established for the use of said space, between guest User and host User, in which case, the parties are subject to what  

is expressly agreed and, in case of non-compliance, each of them will respond. the parties  based on what is established in said agreement between parties, exonerating Woolly  Mammoth from any responsibility in this regard. 


9.1. Host User Duties  

(1) The Host must have sufficient power, and be able to prove it with the documentation  required by Woolly Mammoth, to make the spaces to be reserved available to the Platform  and its guest Users, either as owners, lessors or sub-lessors, or to have of the pertinent  express authorization to be able to upload a space, as well as to carry out the transaction.

(2) It is up to the host User to indicate the reservation conditions of the spaces that they have  uploaded to the Platform, at the time of incorporating them. You agree to specify all the data  that is required, as well as to upload photos of the space and reservation conditions. 

(3) The Host must respect the legal and commercial guarantees, and the recognized right of  withdrawal, when applicable. 

(4) With the reservation of the space and its corresponding acceptance by the guest User,  the latter assumes, in relation to the Guest, all the obligations derived from a contract for the  provision of services. 

(5) The Host must provide the Guest User with the possibility of exercising their rights of  access, rectification, deletion, opposition, portability and limitation in the processing of their  personal data, and the Host User must respond to the Guest for any personal data that could  be treated and the adoption of the corresponding security measures in compliance with the  provisions of the data protection regulations in force at any time. 

(6) It is the duty and responsibility of the Host to be up to date with their tax and fiscal  obligations, as well as those obligations derived from the lease of the space, exonerating  Woolly Mammoth from any responsibility or infraction in this regard. 

9.2. Duties of the Guest User 

(1) The guest User undertakes to pay the agreed price for the reservation of the space, all  with due diligence and contractual good faith. 

(2) The Guest understands that the spaces may not be exactly the same as the photos  shown on the Platform, so there may be minor variations that must be assumed, if  applicable. 

(3) The guest User undertakes to make good use of the reserved spaces and to respect  them, as well as to comply with the specified reservation conditions, such as schedules,  existing rules for the use of the space and good use of the materials, among others. ,  committing to pay the Host the price of any material damage that occurs during the act or  event that is the object of the space. 

(4) The guest User undertakes not to violate any of the conditions that are applicable to  them by virtue of the provisions of these terms. 

9.3. Obligations of both Users 

(1) In order to access the service, you must necessarily have computer equipment, with the  necessary programs and configurations for the proper functioning of the Website and with  an Internet connection. The expenses related to the connection will be borne exclusively by  the User. 

(2) Users are obliged to make good use of the Platform and to use it properly, that is, for the  purposes for which it has been created, taking into account that the applicable commissions  represent the main income of the owner company. 

(3) Both Users undertake to respect all the provisions of this text and, especially, the  provisions of section 13 regarding our Code of Conduct.


(1) The incorporation of spaces subject to reservation to Woolly Mammoth is equivalent to a  declaration of ownership and/or the right to be able to lease it, if you are not the owner.  Woolly Mammoth reserves the right to ask the Host at any time, if deemed appropriate, for  the necessary documentation proving the above. 

(2) Woolly Mammoth reserves the right to eliminate texts that refer to contact data or  information that does not correspond to a correct description of the space. Woolly Mammoth  will contact the Host to report this circumstance and give them the opportunity to rectify the  advertisement to adapt it to the established conditions. 

(3) Woolly Mammoth will be empowered to modify at any time and without prior notice the  image of this platform (design, image, presentation and configuration or operation), as well  as its content and the functionalities included in it, being able to eliminate, modify, add new or  subjecting some aspects to specific conditions, without implying alteration of the agreements  or the relationship between Woolly Mammoth and the User. 

(4) In order to obtain the best effectiveness of the Web, Woolly Mammoth may deny or  restrict access to Users who do not respect these conditions, without the need for prior  notification. 

(5) Without prejudice to these conditions, Woolly Mammoth may establish certain particular  conditions, which will be mandatory for access and use of some of the services offered by  the Page. 

(6) In addition to these conditions, for the access and use of this platform, the rest of the  legal texts indicated in these conditions must be respected. 

(7) Woolly Mammoth reserves the right to modify or interrupt, in whole or in part, access to  the system temporarily, when the system requires it for maintenance, updating or repair. To  the extent possible, we will notify our Users of this type of situation sufficiently in advance. 


As a Client, the User undertakes to make a lawful use of our services, without contravening  current legislation, or harming the rights and interests of third parties. 

Likewise, it guarantees the veracity and accuracy of the data provided when filling in the  contract forms, avoiding the creation of damages to Woolly Mammoth or other Users, as a  consequence of their incorrectness. 

You will also be responsible for respecting the conditions and form or execution of the service  detailed in the applicable particular conditions, as the case may be, as well as in our  community standards or code of conduct. 

Similarly, Users will be responsible for material and personal damage caused in the space  and during the reservation of these, as long as it is directly or indirectly attributable to  conduct that is not due to fortuitous events or force majeure, in relation to its role in space;  that is, the Host will be responsible and liable, to the extent permitted by law, for damages  due to the conditions of the space and its availability to the Guest and other users who use it.  On the contrary, the Guest will be responsible for those damages produced during the hours  of reservation of the space.

Failure to comply with any of these conditions may lead to the withdrawal or cancellation of  the services by Woolly Mammoth, without the need to notify you in advance and without  entitling you to any compensation period. 

12. LIMITATIONS AND EXEMPTIONS TO THE LIABILITY OF WOOLLY MAMMOTH (1) In no case Woolly Mammoth will be responsible for the quality of the spaces offered that  are the object of the reservations made, since it only mediates or puts both parties in contact. 

(2) Woolly Mammoth does not control the timeliness, veracity or accuracy of each of the  data published by Users on our platform, therefore, in no case, will it be responsible for  information that is not exact, truthful, not current or any other derived from an error from the  source from which that information was extracted. 

Thus, by way of example and not exhaustively, Woolly Mammoth will not be responsible in  any case in the event of: 

∙ Errors or confusion related to names, data or information derived from errors in the pages or  original sources from which they were extracted or consulted by the Users who later use  them. Woolly Mammoth to carry out the appropriate transaction. 

∙ Lack of detailed information about a certain space that depends on the criteria or data of  the person who offered it for the reservation. 

∙ Misuse or abuse by the User of the information obtained from our services, such as  misinterpretations of it, or misinterpretations or misuse of information extracted from  another platform. 

∙ Damages or losses that have occurred as a result of the use of the information extracted  

from our services, the information provided by the host Users or third-party platforms. (3) In the event that Woolly Mammoth receives a claim from third parties based on rights of  ownership or lease of the space, it will address this claim stating that it obtained the  appropriate statement to display the space in question on the Web, and that it acted in good  faith without will of harming the legitimate holders of the rights. 

In this case, Woolly Mammoth will inform the host User of the claim.  

After assessing the claim received, Woolly Mammoth may temporarily or permanently  suspend the presentation on the platform of the space in question or the Host, depending on  the type of infraction that could be incurred and notifying the affected party of it. 

In any case, Woolly Mammoth will be exempt from any liability arising from this class of  claims since it is the Host who uploads the space and who assumes the responsibility of  being able to do so, in accordance with the applicable laws, and it is he who must respond to  this types of situations or actions. 


13.1. Users who can use the Platform 

All Users of the website must be persons with legal capacity who have reached the age of  majority.

The correct behavior of the Users is essential for the proper functioning of the service. Below  is the code of conduct that they must have to access and use the Web, expressly indicating  that compliance with what is described below is an essential condition for its use. 

13.2. User Code of Conduct 

13.2.1. General duties common to all Users 

(1) The Users declare under their sole responsibility that they will act in compliance with the  applicable regulations, in a responsible, respectful, diligent manner and with total good faith. 

(2) The Host guarantees that the spaces that it uploads and that can be the object of  agreement with other Users do not violate or infringe the rights of third parties. 

(3) In the event that the User has access to confidential information, he undertakes to use it  exclusively for the purposes for which it was disclosed, always respecting said confidentiality. 

(4) In the event that Users detect any anomaly or malfunction of the platform or services  offered by Woolly Mammoth, the User may notify the following email: info@woolly mammoth.co.uk. 

(5) Regarding the use or publication, where appropriate, of content by Users, they will  undertake to respect the following rules or regulations: 

∙ Respect the rights of the owner of the Platform and the rights of third parties related to  intellectual and industrial property. 

∙ Have the corresponding authorization in case of publishing images or content of third  parties. 

∙ Respond for damages caused to third parties due to the violation of property and lease  rights and keep Woolly Mammoth harmless at all times. 

∙ Comply with each of the rules and procedures established in this document and in the Legal  Notice. 

∙ Respect the rights of third parties and other Users registered on the Woolly Mammoth  


(6) In the event that it is the Users themselves who can comment on the Platform, they must  respect, not only the intellectual property rights and image of third parties or Woolly  Mammoth, but also make their comments or contributions ensuring the right to respect of  others. 

13.2.2. Conduct prohibited for all Users 

The User is expressly prohibited from the conduct described below: 

(1) The User cannot register and use the Website without having sufficient capacity to do so. 

(2) The User may not create false identities, act on behalf of third parties without sufficient  power or legitimacy and/or impersonate the identity of others, in the same way as the illegal  use of data. In this sense, in no case may the services be used to access or seek access to the  accounts of other Users; penetrate, or attempt to penetrate, the security measures of Woolly  Mammoth, the software or hardware of another entity, the electronic communications  system, or the telecommunications system.

(3) The introduction of false data is not allowed, and your data must be completely accurate  and truthful. 

(4) The User may not be untrue, falsify documents, signatures, infringe applicable laws,  regulations or regulations. In particular, the platform cannot be used for purposes related to  child pornography, child abuse, mistreatment, affecting minors, their families and/or third  parties. 

(5) The User may not violate the rules and predetermined processes for access and use of  the Platform or use methods that may cause damage to it or to third-party systems. 

(6) The User may not use the Website for purposes other than their own. 

(7) It is not allowed to contact other Users of the Page as well as to dispose of the data  provided by them for purposes other than those established in these conditions, and in the  particular ones that may regulate access to services offered through the Web. 

(8) Chain letters and/or unsolicited advertising cannot be sent, unless the express consent of  the recipient is obtained. 

(9) Not The transmission through the Website of information is not allowed, nor is it allowed  to market material, products or services of any type or nature that is illegal, libelous,  defamatory, harmful, vulgar, obscene or in any other objectionable way. In this sense,  language, content and graphics that are disrespectful and that affect the rights of our other  Clients and/or Users and/or third parties cannot be used either. 

(10) You may not transmit any material that harasses another user and/or third parties. 

(11) It is not allowed to transmit any type of material (by e-mail, forums, comments) that  threatens, encourages bodily harm or destruction of property or person. 

(12) The Woolly Mammoth platform may not be used to transmit any content that is  considered adult or pornographic, such as explicit sex scenes, full nudity, etc. 

(13) It is not allowed to transmit the insertion of messages or commercial advertisements,  without complying with legal requirements and/or that is considered spam and/or conduct  spamming (sending spam or unsolicited messages). 

(14) It is forbidden to use material that violates and/or affects the intellectual and industrial  property rights of our Clients and/or third parties (trademarks, trade names, slogans,  photographs, content…). Above all this, the User must avoid publishing all the material that  belongs to third parties and that is registered as intellectual and/or industrial property,  without having the proper authorization of its owner or having ensured that when using it, it  has or has the corresponding license for it. 

(15) Our platform may not be used to collect, or attempt to collect, personal information  about third parties without their knowledge or consent and/or without compliance with  applicable personal data protection regulations and legislation.

(16) In no case can activities be carried out through or from our platform that affect the  capacity of people or systems, including the denial of service (DOS) attack against another  main computer of the network or individual User. 

(17) It is prohibited to carry out deceptive activities with the purpose that the person who  receives it acts on them or from them, causing them harm. 

(18) It is forbidden to carry out any other action for illicit purposes and/or that are harmful or  violate the rights of third parties and/or Woolly Mammoth (among them: right to honour,  honour, integrity of the person, good name…) and/ or constitutes a crime or criminal offense. 

(19) Nor can the Platform be used for the propagation of hate speech and/or prejudice  against minorities, advocacy of crime and/or violation of human rights. 

(20) In the photos of the spaces uploaded by the Hosts, personal or contact data (names,  surnames…) cannot be included; the photo of the space and the possible extras that the Host  can offer are simply accepted. Failure to comply with this point will result in the deletion and,  therefore, elimination of the Host‟s profile on the Platform. 

(21) All communications between the guest User and the host must be made using the  internal chat specifically enabled on the Platform. However, it is not allowed for both Users to  share contact data through the chat, beyond those that may be provided for the proper  functioning of the Platform at the time of registration.  

13.3. Conduct on the part of Woolly Mammoth 

13.3.1. Duties of Woolly Mammoth 

(1) Woolly Mammoth undertakes to treat the Users‟ data following the rules of confidentiality  and privacy established in these conditions and in the provisions of the applicable  regulations, in particular, the provisions of the European Regulation for the Protection of  Personal Data 679/ 2016, of April 27, and by the Organic Law 3/2018, of December 5, on the  Protection of Personal Data and guarantee of digital rights. 

(2) Woolly Mammoth undertakes to attend to the Users in the requests, doubts or claims  they have, following the procedures for contact or presentation of requests or claims  established in the set of our legal policies. 

(3) Woolly Mammoth works so that the website and the services offered through the  platform work correctly and safely. 

13.3.2. Rights of Woolly Mammoth 

(1) In no case, Woolly Mammoth will be obliged to guarantee the quality of the space offered,  this being the responsibility of the Host. 

(2) Woolly Mammoth, at its own discretion, may terminate access to the Website,  immediately, and without the need for prior notice, to the User who does not behave properly  under these terms and conditions. 

(3) From Woolly Mammoth We reserve the right to remove any comments or reviews with  inappropriate or prohibited content as provided in these terms and conditions and applicable  law.


14.1. Conditions of delivery of the services offered by this platform for the host Users The delivery of the services offered through this platform will be understood to be carried out  by making the contracted services available. In this way, as a general rule, all publication of  spaces will be made and, therefore, delivered to the host User, always being subject to the  content of these conditions and the legal texts that complement them. 

14.2. Product delivery conditions for the guest User 

The delivery of the service contracted by the Guest, that is, the reservation of a space, will be  understood to have been made on the day and hours in which this User has made the  reservation.  

Woolly Mammoth is not responsible in any case for the conflicts that may arise from said  delivery, and the host User must be responsible for it and therefore, the guest User must  address it to make any claim in this regard. However, as indicated in these conditions, we  

also offer ourselves as mediators, so if you have any problems, you can contact us and we  will help you as much as possible. 


15.1. Cancellation and return 

At Woolly Mammoth we understand that each space is different and that a single  cancellation policy does not fit all reservation circumstances. That is why we provide a  spectrum of options so that Hosts can choose and select, at the time of registering on the  Platform, the policy that works best for their space. Hosts must choose one of the following  cancellation policies. 

15.1.1. Cancellation modalities 

Very flexible 

Guests can cancel their reservation up to 24 hours before the event start time and will receive  a full refund (excluding processing fees) of their reservation price. Reservation cancellations  submitted less than 24 hours prior to event start time are non-refundable. 


Guests can cancel their reservation up to 7 days prior to the event start time and will receive  a full refund (excluding processing costs) of your reserve price. Guests can cancel their  reservation between 7 days and 24 hours before the event start time and receive a 50%  refund (excluding processing costs) of their reservation price. Reservation cancellations  submitted less than 24 hours prior to event start time are non-refundable. 

Standard 30 days 

Guests may cancel their reservation up to 30 days prior to the event start time and will receive a full refund (excluding processing costs) of your reserve price. Guests can cancel  their reservation between 30 days and 7 days prior to the event start time and receive a 50%  refund (excluding processing fees) of their reservation price. Cancellations submitted less  than 7 days prior to event start time are non-refundable. 

Standard 90 days 

Guests can cancel their reservation up to 90 days prior to the event start time and will  receive a full refund (excluding processing costs) of your reserve price. Guests can cancel  their reservation between 90 days and 14 days before the event start time and receive a  refund of the 50% (excluding processing costs) of your reserve price. Cancellations submitted  less than 14 days prior to event start time are non-refundable.

15.1.2. Cancellation Grace Period 

All bookings are subject to Woolly Mammoth‟s grace period policy, which provides a full  refund for bookings cancelled within 24 hours of booking confirmation, as long as the event  is no less than 48 hours away. 

15.1.3. Cancellation Confirmation 

A reservation is only officially canceled once the Guest has received confirmation of the  cancellation from Woolly Mammoth. 

Host payments will vary based on the specific cancellation policy chosen by the Host and  other circumstances. If Woolly Mammoth, in its sole discretion, based on the applicable  cancellation policy, determines that a Guest is entitled to a refund, the Host‟s payment will be  calculated by deducting from the booking subtotal price, any Woolly Mammoth commission  or concierge fees. , and then reduce that amount by the percentage specified in the  applicable cancellation policy. Cleaning fees refunded to guests will not be paid to hosts.  Payments are usually made within 3-7 days of confirmation of cancellation. 

15.1.4. Cleaning fees 

Cleaning fees, if any, would be fully refunded to Guests if reservation cancellation is  confirmed prior to using the space. 

15.1.5. Host Plugins  

Host add-ons are subject to the same cancellation policy as the space. 

15.1.6. Multi-day reservations 

For multi-day and non-consecutive day reservations, the cancellation deadline set forth in  the applicable cancellation policy will apply to the start time of the event for each day the  space is reserved. 

15.1.7. Calculation of cancellation terms 

All cancellation periods are calculated based on local space time. 

15.1.8. Host Cancellations  

Cancellations initiated by the Host will be fully refunded to the Guest (including Fees paid).  The Host who cancels the reservation will be responsible for any losses incurred by Woolly  Mammoth or the Guest associated with any cancellation, and all payments scheduled for  that reservation will be cancelled. 

Host cancellation fees  

The Host User will be responsible for the costs, expenses and other losses, and will be subject  to certain penalties if you make unjustified cancellations, such as: 

∙ Assume travel costs of Guests; 

∙ A fine of more than €100.00 or 15% of the total price of the reservation; 

∙ Remove the Host‟s space from the Platform if you cancel multiple reservations; Woolly Mammoth may, but is not required to, waive costs, expenses and penalties for Host initiated cancellations if the following circumstances occur:

∙ Woolly Mammoth determines that a reservation was accidentally accepted by a Host,  provided that the Host cancels within 2 hours of the reservation confirmation; ∙ A Guest provides false or misleading information in a reservation request that affects the  reservation made; 

∙ A Guest uses, or intends to use, a space in a manner inconsistent with the description of the  space, the reservation conditions or other limitations agreed between the Guest and the Host; ∙ Inappropriate or illegal activity that takes place during an event; 

∙ A Host and a Guest who mutually decide to cancel the reservation; 

∙ Any justified cancellation. 

In these cases, Woolly Mammoth may take measures to minimize the risks for its business  model, being able to warn the user who commits this type of action and being able to  reserve the right not to provide services again if any of the aforementioned circumstances  occur. 

15.1.9. Justified cancellations  

Woolly Mammoth may allow a Host or Guest to cancel a confirmed reservation due to  certain circumstances, and may require Hosts or Guests to provide evidence to support this  type of cancellation. 

The following circumstances may be considered grounds for a justified cancellation: 

∙ Unexpected death or serious illness of a Host, Guest or immediate family member of any of  them; 

∙ Serious injury that directly restricts a Guest‟s ability to travel or a Host‟s ability to provide the  reserved space; 

∙ Acts of God or force majeure; 

∙ Urgent travel restrictions or severe security warnings issued after booking by an appropriate  government office or agency; 

∙ Severe property damage or unforeseen maintenance issues that directly affect the safe use  of the space; either 

∙ Judicial or administrative order that directly restricts the use or access to a space. 15.1.10. Cancellations initiated by Woolly Mammoth  

Woolly Mammoth may decide, in its sole discretion, that it is necessary or appropriate to  cancel a confirmed reservation. Woolly Mammoth may cancel a reservation at any time prior  to the event start time and issue a full or partial refund to a Guest. 

When Woolly Mammoth initiates a cancellation, any refund or payment will vary depending  on the circumstances giving rise to the cancellation. Neither Woolly Mammoth nor any of the  other parties to the canceled reservation shall have any responsibility or liability for such  cancellations initiated by Woolly Mammoth. For example, by: 

∙ A justified cancellation; 

∙ The removal of a Host or space from the Platform before the start time;

∙ Any actual or potential illegal or unauthorized activity; 

∙ Risk of damage or safety issues; 

∙ Any violation of the Code of Conduct. 

15.1.11. Reservation rescheduling  

When approved by Woolly Mammoth a Guest or Host may have the opportunity to  reschedule a reservation. Any rescheduled reservation must be: 

∙ For the same duration as the original reservation, prior approval of the Host; 

∙ Confirmed before the start time the initial reservation; 

∙ Rescheduled for a time within 90 days of the initial start time; 

∙ Only rescheduled once. 

Rescheduled reservations are non-refundable once confirmed. Any successive rescheduling  attempt or successful failure to reschedule a reservation within the above conditions will  result in cancellation of the reservation, subject to the cancellation conditions set out in these  terms and conditions. Rescheduling by Guests may result in additional charges for the Woolly  Mammoth service. 

15.1.12. Guest Initiated Cancellations  

Guests will receive a full refund if they cancel a reservation within 48 hours of the Host‟s  confirmation of the reservation, provided that the cancellation is made no later than 1 week  before the scheduled start time of the reservation. Otherwise, Guests will incur a cancellation  charge that includes Woolly Mammoth‟s management costs and a portion of the reservation  price. All cancellations must be submitted through the Platform to be considered effective as  follows: 

Cancellation date Guest refund Payment to the host
More than 90 calendar days  before the reservation start  time75%, less management costs 25%, less Woolly Mammoth Host  commission
Between 89-30 calendar days  before the reservation start  time50%, less management costs 50%, less Woolly Mammoth Host  commission
Between 29-8 calendar days  before the reservation start  time25%, less management costs 75%, less Woolly Mammoth Host  commission
7 or less calendar days before  the reservation start time no refund 100%, less Woolly Mammoth Host  commission

Refunds to Guests will be applied after the cancellation is complete. Payments to Hosts will  be made within 7 days of the start time of the canceled reservation.

When Guests cancel a portion of a multi-day reservation, fees and refunds will only apply to  the specific dates canceled. Guests can update a reservation time without penalty when a  host accepts the new time. 

15.2. Right of withdrawal 

15.2.1. Host user 

Woolly Mammoth informs the Host User that the right of withdrawal contemplated by the  legislation relating to consumers and users does not apply to them if they operate as a  company or professional, and therefore cannot withdraw from contracting our services once  they have been contracted. 

In the event that you operate as an individual, you will have the right to terminate the  contracting of our services within a period of 14 calendar days from when you contracted  them and unless the term for the provision of the service or rental of your space is in a  shorter period. or that the contracted service occurs on a recurring basis and 14 calendar  days have already elapsed since contracting. 

15.2.2. guest user 

The guest User will have the right to withdraw from the contracted services during the 14  calendar days following the contracting of the services, as long as the use of the reserved  space was not within these following 14 days since it will be understood that it fits within the  foreseen in article 103 letter l of the Law for the Defense of consumers and users. 


In case of discrepancy between the text of these conditions and any translation thereof, the  English version shall prevail in all cases. In the case of discrepancies between the English  version of the general conditions and their possible translations, the English version will  prevail. 


All rights to the content published on our website relating to the services we offer are  protected by copyright and trademarks. 

In this sense, the articles, contents, images or logos are the property of Woolly Mammoth or  of persons or companies that have expressly authorized their publication; or that they are  subject to licenses that allow us to make an appropriate and appropriate use of these  materials. 

In general, the reproduction, transformation, distribution, public communication or making  available of the contents of this website without the written consent of Woolly Mammoth is  expressly prohibited. 

Any partial or total reproduction of the content through any procedure and on any medium  is subject to prior and express authorization from Woolly Mammoth. 


The personal data that you must provide us with is essential for the provision of the service  that we offer through this platform. By registering on the page, you agree to provide us with  valid data, data that allow the provision of the service by Woolly Mammoth and the correct  identification as a registered User; as well as sending information and advertising that Woolly  Mammoth may believe may be of interest to you.

The purposes of data processing will be, in detail, the following: 

∙ Provision and billing of services. 

∙ Notification of promotional agreements that Woolly Mammoth may have entered into with  collaborating companies to offer Web Users certain products and services. Although, this  information will be provided only by Woolly Mammoth and not by third parties. ∙ Inform you of activities that we think may be of interest to you. 

∙ Respond to queries or requests for information that you may make. 

∙ Allow access to the options that require registration and/or additional validation, in which  case the User must comply with the particular conditions that are established, where  appropriate. 

∙ Send the statistics of the platform and the ads of each seller User, individually, on a quarterly  


At any time and/or when you deem it convenient, you can make use of your rights of Access,  Rectification, Deletion, Opposition, Portability, Forgetting and Limitation in the treatment by  writing to the contact email that we have enabled for it: info@woolly-mammoth.co.uk, or by  sending us a request by physical mail to 26 boundary street, E27JE, London, England. , enclosing, in both cases, a copy of the passport or your DNI (data holder) and expressly  indicating in the subject the request you wish to make: access, rectification, deletion,  opposition, portability, forgetfulness or limitation in the treatment . 


Woolly Mammoth reserves the right to modify, at any time and without prior notice, the  presentation and configuration of the Website, as well as the General Conditions of Contract. 

As a User, you will always have these conditions in a visible place, freely accessible for as  many queries as you wish to make. In this sense, you must carefully read them each time you  access our website. In any case, the acceptance of these conditions will be a previous and  essential step to contracting any available service. 


In the event that any conflict or discrepancy arises in the interpretation of these conditions or  notice, the Courts and Tribunals that, where appropriate, will hear the matter, will be those  established by the applicable legal regulations in matters of competent jurisdiction. 

In any case, if your situation is as a final consumer, the courts corresponding to your domicile  will be competent. 

In the case of legal entities, the parties will be subject to the courts of Barcelona. 


In compliance with the provisions of Regulation 524/203, of the European Parliament and of  the Council, of May 21, 2013, as of February 15, 2016, the User has at his disposal the possibility  of raising any litigation or extrajudicial claim of the same, which it considers generated by  virtue of our platform or the services provided online, through the alternative mechanism for  consumers and merchants that you will find in the following  

link: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/

Through it, you can access alternative dispute resolution entities with quality procedures  established for it. 

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