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If you’re looking to hire an exceptional conference venue in London, you’re in the right place. Our luxurious private homes are the perfect space for conferences all across the city. Impress guests with a Central London location that contains all the amenities you need to ensure a great experience. Benefitting from fantastic transportation links, world-class amenities, and endless professional services, these prime locations make the heart of the capital the number one destination to ensure your conference is a hit and lands with the impact you’re looking for!

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Premium Southbank Penthouse

Bermondsey, Blackfriars, London Bridge
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The Artist loft

Shoreditch, Old Street, london
  • 20 Guests

London Conference Venue Hire – Perfect for Your Event

Benefits of Hosting in London 

London holds some lofty acclaim as a global business hub, attracting companies from all over the world to its stunning cityscape. Its prime geographical location together with a thriving economy and knee-deep talent pool makes it a top destination if you’re looking to knock conferences and events out of the park. The city’s century-old reputation as a global financial centre and base for multinational corporations aplenty makes the possibilities of scoring the best conference venues endless. Beyond its well-known business prowess and stunning range of conference venues, London also offers a truly unique atmosphere that’s bound to add value to whatever event you’re planning. From iconic landmarks like the Tower of London or Buckingham Palace to a vibrant street culture on the leading edge of fashion and music, this city lives and breathes energy and excitement. London’s rich cultural heritage also provides an extra motivator for your attendees to actually show up to conference rooms with a huge range of attractions for delegates to explore in their downtime. Museums, galleries, theatres, and historical sites offer endless scope for guests to make a proper trip of the visit. Whether they’re art buffs, history fanatics, or just want to be entertained, there’s a massive range of interesting sights to see and truly something for everyone.

Conference Trends in London

London’s conference space is an ever-evolving scene, reflecting emerging trends in the rapidly changing events industry. Guests want more than the usual conference centre buffet rooms and PowerPoints and smaller corporate spaces in private homes provide unique backdrops that spark creativity and engagement. These event spaces offer something more interesting compared to traditional conference rooms and help forge more memorable experiences for your attendees, increasing the likelihood they’ll interact with you or your company down the line. Interactive and so-called ‘hybrid events’ are also picking up traction and the best conference venues allow you to cater to these by having some guests present and some remote. By using interactive elements like live polling, Q&A sessions, and virtual networking opportunities, you can enhance remote attendee participation. Sustainability is another growing focus we see throughout conference venues in London. Organisers are increasingly adopting eco-friendly practices to minimise their environmental impact, from reducing waste and carbon emissions to sourcing local and sustainable materials. Opting for a private home, which uses less energy is a great eco-friendly move. Incorporating sustainability initiatives into your conference planning shows your guests your commitment to responsible stewardship and will always resonate well with your more environmentally conscious attendees.

Factors to consider

We have conference venues across Shoreditch, London Bridge, South Bank, Covent Garden and more. Within the private homes themselves, you’ll find tools for presenting, space for visitors to unwind, and decor that creates an unparalleled first impression. Here are some more factors to consider… 


You should make sure you have the right tools to engage participants. You can elevate your conferences with interactive workshops, hands-on demonstrations and technology for recording or live streaming.

Transport links

Location convenience is key for making sure there’s good accessibility for all attendees. Picking meeting rooms with convenient transportation links, like proximity to airports, train stations, and public transit hubs, will make it easier for your attendees to travel to and from the conference.


You should also look to work with event space partners such as Woolly Mammoth who can help with catering.  You’ll need to be able to provide diverse menu choices and accommodate any dietary restrictions. 

Planning Tips for London conference venues

Planning your conference requires careful attention to detail and a good amount of effective coordination.

Here are some essential tips for your conference planning:

  • Pick a theme and agenda early on to help set the tone and direction of your conference. Define clear objectives and outline the key topics and sessions you want to cover to ensure a cohesive and engaging program.
  • Book your guest speakers well in advance as it’s crucial for securing top talent and ensuring availability. Research and reach out to the speakers who align with your events’ theme and objectives so you can confirm their participation well ahead of time.
  • Choose an attractive location that offers convenient transportation options and amenities to bolster the overall appeal of your conference. Keep in mind factors like accessibility, accommodation options, and local attractions when picking the venue.
  • Use social media for promotion and generate some buzz around your event to attract attendees to the conference. By creating engaging content and using targeted advertising you can encourage sharing and interaction to maximise your visibility and reach.
  • Budgeting is absolutely essential for managing expenses and allocating your resources effectively. Set out a realistic budget early on in the planning process and track all of your expenditures closely to make sure you don’t overspend.

Conference Planning Checklist

Here are some good ideas to include on your planning checklist:

  • Outline the purpose of your conference: Clearly write down the objectives, target audience, and desired outcomes of the event.
  • Planning your budget: Determine the financial resources you have available, allocating funds for venue rental, equipment, marketing, catering, and all your other expenses.
  • Choosing a venue: Select suitable conference spaces or meeting rooms that provide an intimate engaging atmosphere and offer the facilities and amenities you need for the event.
  • Ensuring high-speed Wi-Fi: Make sure whatever conference centres you choose have reliable internet connectivity to support things like live streaming.
  • Provide lunch options: Look into any catering services available to offer a variety of lunch options that cater to different dietary preferences/restrictions.


How much does it cost to hire a conference venue in London?

Popular conference venues vary in cost, from £300 to well over £10,000 in central London for full conference centres. Get in touch with Woolly Mammoth to discover how affordable private homes can be.

What are some popular types of London conference venue?

Popular types of conference venues in central London include private homes which are an intimate space for you to connect and collaborate.  

How can I hire a conference space in London?

To hire a conference space in London, you can use venue hire experts like Woolly Mammoth for a smooth booking experience and support with all the other factors like tech & catering.

What steps do I take to plan a conference in London?

Plan a conference in London by following our guide above, booking guest speakers, promoting the event, and arranging any supplementary services.

How far in advance do I need to start planning for a conference?

You should start planning for a conference in London a year or more in advance for an extremely large or complex event;  you can get away with around one to three months ahead for smaller events.

How can I promote a conference in London?

Promote your conference in London using social media, email marketing and press releases. It’s also a good idea to form partnerships with organisations & influencers to generate buzz & increase attendance.

How do I arrange logistics and support for conference venues in London?

Arrange the logistics and support by coordinating with us for technical support, in-house catering, transportation, accommodation, and other necessary services in advance of your event date.

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