Meeting Room Hire in London: Exclusive Venues for Your Events

If you’re looking for the perfect meeting room, London can have you tearing your hair out with the sheer oversaturation of meeting venues on offer. With its bustling business districts and vibrant entrepreneurial spirit, it’s a hub for meetings, conferences, and corporate gatherings of all kinds. What if there was a simpler, better solution? Private homes, such as those offered by Woolly Mammoth, provide an intimate space for connection. You can impress your clients with beautiful properties in the heart of bustling, desirable locations like Shoreditch, London Bridge, South Bank, and Covent Garden. Plus you’ll be more productive as a result of the peace and quiet.

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Find Top-Tier Meeting Room Venues in London for Hire

In this guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know to find the perfect meeting rooms for your needs. This will help you nail the day in a unique space!

Understanding Your Requirements

Before diving into the myriad of London meeting rooms available, it’s crucial to clearly define your requirements and objectives. Consider the following questions to help narrow down your search and find the ideal meeting room:

  • What is the purpose of the meeting? Is it for client presentations, team meetings, or boardroom discussions?
  • How many attendees will be present? Will you need a small meeting room or a larger private home?
  • What amenities are essential for your meeting room? Do you require audio-visual equipment, whiteboards, catering services, or high-speed internet access?
  • What is your budget to hire meeting rooms? Are you willing to pay a premium for a prime location and top-notch facilities, or do you have budget constraints to consider? Don’t worry! On our site, there are plenty of affordable meeting rooms available. 

A dedicated meeting space like the ones we offer will mean you can forget about any distractions and focus on nailing a successful meeting with top-notch support and a huge variety of London meeting rooms that will cater to the tastes of your specific attendees.

We offer London meeting rooms for a huge range of tastes from bougie industrial to fine art and class. And with cutting-edge WiFi and audio-visual equipment, our event spaces make hybrid meetings a breeze.

Considering Location and Accessibility

Location plays a crucial role in selecting meeting rooms in London as accessibility and convenience are as important as unique spaces for large groups travelling from different parts of the city or beyond. Woolly Mammoth offers elegant spaces across the centre of the city, from a unique venue tucked away in Soho to a gorgeous Mayfair apartment. You should also consider the following when evaluating the location of a meeting room in London:

  • Transport Links:
    Consider a London meeting room with easy access to public transportation, including underground stations, bus stops, and train stations. London’s extensive public transport network makes it relatively easy to reach most parts of the city. 
  • Proximity to Accommodation:
    If your London meeting room has attendees travelling from out of town, consider the proximity of the meeting room to hotels and accommodation options. Opting for meeting rooms located near hotels can make it more convenient for attendees to stay overnight and attend the meeting without having to travel too far.
  • Local Amenities:
    Take into account the surrounding area and nearby amenities when trying to book meeting rooms in London. Look for a meeting room situated in an area with plenty of restaurants, cafes, and attractions to provide attendees with options for dining and entertainment before or after the meeting or training sessions.
  • Technological Infrastructure:
    High-speed internet access is also a must-have for seamless communication and collaboration during a client meeting, training session, or hybrid meeting. Our dedicated meeting rooms can be fully equipped with essential audio-visual equipment, including projectors, screens, sound systems, and video conferencing facilities.
  • Catering Services:
    We work with caterers, allowing you to customise your refreshment options to suit the preferences of your attendees.

Hiring meeting rooms in London requires careful consideration of various factors, including your requirements, venue options, location, facilities, amenities and pricing. Private homes provide the perfect space for guests to relax and connect, ensuring a meeting they’ll always remember! By understanding your needs and guests’ needs, and exploring venues, you can find the perfect meeting room to host successful and productive gatherings in the heart of the bustling metropolis.


How much do meeting rooms in London cost?

Meeting rooms cost upwards from £100 per hour but vary depending on size and location. Get in touch with Woolly Mammoth to find a beautiful private home at a great price.

Where is the best place to hire meeting rooms in London?

Woolly Mammoth, of course! We have bespoke spaces in London to cater to every possible size and taste. Imagine when your colleagues and managers see a property with views of London Bridge, for example. 

What’s the process for hiring meeting rooms in London?

Have a look through our stunning range of properties across London and get in touch with us to discuss pricing, availability, and what else we can do to make your meeting run smooth as butter.

Can I decorate my meeting room or install temporary branding?

This is a common request for meeting spaces and we are more than happy to help. Get in touch and we can discuss the scope of how you’re looking to use the room and how Woolly Mammoth can help.

Can I see the meeting room in person before booking?

If it’s possible and the room isn’t in use we can arrange a site visit and tour before you commit to hiring the room. Get in touch soon as our properties are in high demand.

How can you keep meeting participants engaged?

A high-quality venue such as those provided by Woolly Mammoth goes some way to ensuring that your next meeting is super engaging.

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